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Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a Sweet Family?

The White Family
Aaron just had his 1st birthday and Aaden was just over 2 weeks old. Aaron didn't find many of my tactics smile worthy and Aaden was the perfect newborn! Thanks for allowing me to capture two sweet times in ya'lls life!

Happy 1st Birthday Aaron!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Brother!

These pics were actually right before we went to get his hair cut. I love them. I love that they love each other and I hope they will get along great as they grow up!
Squeezes (not sure what Kase is thinking)

(I love that Kase is holding on to Steele's arm in this one.)


holding hands

Serious Conversation

usually goes something like this

Steele: Hey Kase! Whatcha doin? Huh? Well tell me about it.

said in a very country voice these days

I love this little chunky monkey. He is just a happy, sweet ball of love.

I also love this little wild man! He is a bundle of energy and keeps me on my toes EVERYDAY!!

Wow... it's been a while!!

It has been quite a while since I posted, where has July gone? I have so many pics from 4th of July, days at the park, Steele's new do, and many more. I guess I will make several posts. I'll start with Steele's new do. Shortly after those pics from the last post were taken, Steele was in need of a haircut. He wanted it cut short like CoCo's ( his cousin) and his Pop's. It's just hair and it will grow back. He loves it. It is so much cooler and easier. He would look at himself in the mirror for several days after and just smile or scream "My hair!". It was so funny.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Firsts, Firsts, and More Firsts ( and a little Steele too)

Kase is almost 4 months old and is starting to do quite a few little tricks and other fun things. He is getting really good at holding his head up and this is his first official time to do it without the boppy.
He is also eating rice and oatmeal cereal. He loves, loves, loves him some cereal. He is already trying to grab the spoon. This is his second attempt at cereal I think. He wasn't that crazy about it the first time.

He is also sitting with assistance and this is his first time in his bebe'POD. He likes to play with the toy and look around at stuff but is still a little wobbly and leans to one side. I think we aren't quite ready for this yet.

And last, he has been for his first swim and a few more. He loved the water the first time but not so much since then. It's also a little hot out there for him these days. He would rather be in the AC (so would I).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Typical Temper Tantrum

You know you have to capture their dual personalities at some point:)

Congrats Kisses!

Congrats to Lindsey or Kisses as Steele calls her. I can't believe she graduated high school this year. I remember when she was an itty bitty toddler, an annoying middle schooler, and a very trustworthy, smart, and sensible teenager as she is now. She is soooo good with Steele and Kase and all children in general! She is not always easy to find because as all almost 18 year olds do she doesn't like to stay at home, but she can always be counted on if she tells me she will do something for me! I love her so much and wish her a great, fun summer and a wonderful college experience at ICC next year. We love you Kisses!!

Chunky Monkey

I thought ya'll might need to see this cute, sweet little chunky 2 1/2 month old since the last two posts have been all about the big one. He is laughing, talking, and cooing ALL the time now. He doesn't like to nap during the day, but still loves him some bottle, he is up to 7 ounces at a time. I think he is going to love him some rice cereal here shortly. He weighed in at 15 lbs. 8 ozs. Friday when I took him in because he was running fever. He had gained one ounce for every day since we had last been there.